MA1 Thai Made Tri-Coloured Leather Thai Pads - Small

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MA1 Thai Made Tri-Coloured Small Leather Thai Pads

Introducing our Tri-Coloured Small Leather Thai Pads from the Thai Made series. Constructed out of premium leather, these Leather Thai Pads are designed for the professional athlete. 

Well padded to protect you with easy to use velcro straps, there is plenty to love with the MA1 Mini Thai Pad. 

The Tri-Colour range features the 3 colours of the Thai Flag; red symbolic for blood of life, white for the purity of Buddhist faith and blue the monarchy. 

These leather medium thai pads feature blue logos on a canvas of white with a striking red border that would stand out on the ring. Order yours today!

Thai Made Fight Gear Range:

The Thai Made Fight Gear series is all in the name. Manufactured and crafted in Thailand, the heart of professional fight gear production, this series of fight gear is the one to look out for. Constructed from premium leather with reinforced stitching, the Thai Made Fight Gear series is built to last the long haul.