MA1 Female Premium Comp Gi - Blue, Red & White

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Get excited with our new range of MA1 Competition Series Kimonos.

The MA1 Competition Series Gi range is also available with a female cut to caters for females. The set comes in a gi bag which includes a 420gsm jacket and is suited with rip stop pants to keep the set lightweight.

Just like the rest of the gis in this range, the kimonos are basic in design with minimised logos so there is plenty of space for custom patching.

Available in size F0 through to F5, please check the sizing in the link below to ensure a nice fit.

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MA1 Kimono Size Chart

MA1 Female Gi Size Chart

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 Brand:  MA1
 Product:  Kimono
 Design:  Comp Kimono
 Jacket:  420gsm
 Pants:  Rip Stop
 Material:  Cotton
 Colour:  Blue Kimono
 Red Features
 Package Content:  1 x Kimono
 1 x Kimono Bag



Size: F0