MA1 Classic Kick Shield - Ultra Thick

Sale price$159.00

Introducing the newest addition to the MA1 Classic Series Fight Gear range. This kickshield is a Beast! Boasting 20cm of high impact foam, this kickshield is much thicker than most of the kickshields on the market. These heavy-duty kickshields are perfect for training those Big Boys who pack those brutal shots. The thick firm foam allows much greater shock absorbency to support you through hard training sessions. 

Although thick, there are 4 vents that evenly distribute and release air pressure. With two thick, hard-wearing handles on the back, and 2 loops in the center, you can comfortably hold the shield in any position. Complete with a concealed zip, you can be sure you and your training partner are well protected. 


- 20cm of dense impact-absorbing foam
- Side vents to spread concussive force
- Covered zips to prevent injury
- Heavy duty sturdy handle
- Solid @ 2.25kg